Qamar 1
Since the age of seven Qamar, an Iraqi transgender, has dreamt of becoming a woman.
Before the Iraq War Saddam Hussein gave her personally allowance for a sex change operation. The war put an end to her hopes and she fled the country hoping to complete her journey in Denmark.
Here Qamar applies for sex change but she keeps running up against the Danish Healthcare System. Harassments from strangers and neighbors send Qamar on a long mental deroute which makes the director fear for Qamar’s well being. The director ends up in her own documentary, a deeply personal film.
Qamar 4-1

Qamar 2






55 min, Danish (English subs)

Director, editor, producer: Ida Marie Gedbjerg

Executive Producer: Morten Hartz Kaplars

Produced with support from Aarhus Film Workshop

  • Copenhagen Mix Film Festival 2015
  • Spot Filmfestival 2015
  • Aarhus Filmfestival 2014